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Free Stuff...

The easiest way that costs you absolutely nothing but a moment of your time is to make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel and like our videos! 

Feel free to share and we also love it if you leave us a nice comment :-)

Grab yourself some Merch...

Feel like part of the crew and grab yourself some Camara merch from our Teespring store!


For every item we sell we receive a small contribution which helps us keep Camara and our dream afloat!

Become a Ko-fi Supporter...

Buy us a 'coffee' or 'beer' and become a Ko-fi supporter. 

You can either make a small donation equivalent to buying us a coffee or beer or take your support to the next level and make a custom donation and  know that you are directly helping us upgrade our gear aboard Camara and that you have our eternal gratitude!

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